Physics Animations
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Here you can get the wonderful animations related to Physics.

Heat Engines

2 Stroke Engine

4 Stroke Engine

The Stirling Engine

The Carnot Cycle



Lenght of Days & Nights




Rotating a mirror and the Reflected ray

Reflection and Refraction

Object-Image Relationships

Using Optical Bench

Electric field around an Oscillating Charge


Virtual Object For a Convex lens


Double Slit Pharsor

Mulit Slit Pharsor


Quarter Wave Plate/Circular Polarization




The Michelson-Morley Experiment


Time Dilation

Length Contraction

Clock Synchronization

Clock Synchronization in Moving Reference Frames

Some More Physics Animations


Pendulum Oscillation

Wave Motion

Wave Reflection and Transmission

Reflection of Electromagnetic Waves

Doppler Effect

Impendance Matching

Dispersive Waves

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